About us

about us 2Founded Guideposts Contracting under commercial registration number (1010319856) issued by the city of Riyadh, and to work in the field of work safety of roads and implementation of paints roads, airports and installation of signs and the installation of billboards and extension, installation of traffic signals and all the work on the safety and maintenance of roads, electricity works and sanitation, telephone and excavation and electrical work, mechanical and electronic maintenance and sports stadiums and landscaping) and the institution has already begun to operate and has implemented many projects both inside and outside the city of Riyadh.

Where she earned the institution and since its first year the trust of everyone, whether government agencies or civil, and that the percentage of what is owned by the Foundation of machinery and equipment are equipped with sophisticated modern methods and modern scientific bases to help them implement projects in accordance with the terms and conditions required technical specifications and on time.